Thanks for visiting my website! šŸ˜„
I am Suvrat.
I am a software engineer at Klarna in Stockholm.
Previously, I have worked at Helpshift Inc.

I write distributed systems in Clojure (and Iā€™m learning Haskell). I like to dive deep into whatever I learn. I have spoken at Functional Conf 2019 about Debuggers in Lisps.

Before moving to backend programming, I was an iOS developer for 2 years at Helpshift where I wrote Objective-C and Swift. I have spoken about Objective-C Internals.

Iā€™m an Emacs devotee and I like to write and talk about Emacs. My Emacs config sits here.

Iā€™m very much interested in understanding how operating systems work. Here are my notes on the operating systems classic The Design of the UNIX Opearting System by Maurice J. Bach.

Other than tech, Iā€™m deeply interested in Indian classical music and music in general. I have been playing tabla (an Indian percussion instrument) for past 15 years. These days, I have started learning sitar. I have conducted workshops on music theory and I regularly teach tabla. šŸŽµ

I run a YouTube channel for curated technical tabla content.

I hope to share my learnings about tech (and maybe about music) on this website.

See you around! šŸ˜„