• Raag Mishra-Charukeshi in Luxembourg

    This is from one of the recordings we did in Luxembourg after the Indian classical music workshop KG Westman and I conducted.
    The base composition is composed by KG Westman.

    KG Westman - Sitar
    Mohammed Abuzekry - Oud
    Ahmed Radwan - Violin
    Achal Murthy - Bass

    Gratitude to Adham Al-Sayyad and to the Belong team for organizing the workshop and the recording.

  • Our new album - Zafaran - is out!

    We recently recorded a music album which is a mix of Indian, Swedish and Egyptian music. The songs are composed by KG Westman. I got to collaborate with two incredible musicians from Egypt - Adham Al Sayyad and Ahmed Radwan. Here’s the album:

    My favourites are Piloo, Kaaphal Hill and Hårgalåten!

    Hope you like it! :)

  • Sitar performance by KG Westman

    I recently moved to Stockholm and met one of the most amazing sitar players in Europe - KG Westman. I got an opportunity to accompany him at a concert.

    He played raga Anandpriya. It is his own creation. Here’s the video of the performance:

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